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Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35

La nouvelle Opération M35

  It is the late summer of 1969 and the entire European motoring press has gathered to drive the Citroën M35 in Paris. An exclusive prototype with Wankel engine, the engine technology that seems to have a great future. For the test, 6 M35s were hand-built in a preliminary series. All in Gris Nacré and visibly numbered, you could find them in all the car magazines at the time. Could there be anything left of these cars besides the printed paper? Yes! and you can own it.

Read the story of No.3 here.


So how did it go with the exhaust adventure? In September 2016 I (owner of #83) reported for the last time about that on this website and I still owe you the rest of the story.

Where would we be without No. 83 and Tom Verheyden. Together they have taken up the reproduction of the stop rubbers in the suspension of the M35. The car sinks on these rubbers when it is at rest, which makes them thinner after 50 years. By replacing them, the car is immediately higher in the garage.

The rubbers are specific to the M35, we hoped to encounter them on other models but unfortunately they had to reproduced. So now they are available; exact to original. There are 8 pieces on your M35; treat them with it.

This link will take you to Tom Verheyden’s website where you can order them; 

Original number: AL-437-3


No. 83 is on its way to the south of England to have a new exhaust fitted at Quicksilver; it will be the template for another 12 pre-ordered exhausts.

Follow the adventure at Twitter.

Update Exhaust Systems M35 (19 August 2016)

The initiative for the manufacturing of exhausts for the M35 is moving ahead.

So far 12 orders have been placed with Quicksilver, which means that we will receive the maximum price reduction.

The deadline for ordering has been set at 26 August 2016. If you still want to join, then please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately.


A month ago we have already shipped two patterns to Quicksilver. They will use these as examples to construct the new exhaust systems. In September we will then drive #83 to the Quicksilver factory in Devon. This will allow Quicksilver to examine a mounted system and based on that finetune the design of the exhausts.