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Prototype Citroen M35
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L'Opération M35 reports on La Nouvelle Opération M35 and is meant to gather as much information on the Citroën M35 as possible and make it available. The Citroën M35 is a prototype which was tested in the early seventies by a selected group of Citroën-drivers, for a certain period . Read more about it in the various sections on this website.

Collection M35’s

In the early eighties a Citroën-enthousiast fell in love with M35’s; No. 94 was bought. From here a constant quest for every single available car started, mainly in France. Most were bought from (dealer-)collections, some of them had previously been in museums. Ranging from original mint condition to complete wreck, all was bought. Sometimes after months long searches based on very small indications.

The cars were stored in barns in the north of Holland for decades and were hardly ever visible for the public. In the world of Citroën-enthousiasts there were rumors buzzing, but few knew of the content and scale of the collection.

Two collectors

Collector 1 is responsible for the birth of the incredible collection of 25 M35’s and quite a few other Citroëns. In the eighties and nineties he hunted for Citroën-treasures, like the Schlumpf-brothers did with Bugatti’s. At the start of this century he let go of his initial goal –having a museum filled with these cars- and sold cars occasionally.

Collector 2 purchased an important part of the collection including 16 M35’s in 2007. He intended to enjoy them, but also respect the responsibility he felt for this automobile heritage.

Enthousiastic garagist

The driving force behind La Nouvelle Opération M35 is Sander Aalderink, owner of the Eendengarage (2cvgarage) in Wormer, Holland. He has been active in 2cv’s and derivatives for more than 20 years and has been curious about all things involved with cars much longer. In 2009 he was amazed, almost shocked, by what he saw when he entered a storage. There were numerous M35’s stacked in racks along the walls, three storeys high. Read on this website what happened from that moment on and how No. 473 became his.

The urge to enjoy the cars

After some conversations the garagist and the collector both felt the urge to make the hidden and static collection public and enjoyable. The cars were transported to the garage in Wormer. Here No. 473 was brought back to live, as a first step towards getting the collection back on the road again and as an example for the future owners. History, technique and design already were intriguing; driving it was just phenomenal. Several cars found new owners and are back on the road.

Documentation and knowledge

Activating the collection gives the opportunity and necessity to gather historical details, documentation and knowledge. Also an inventory was made of all the M35’s still in existence and of their owners, to be able to get in contact with each other and share all things gathered. Through this cars can get back on the road and initiatives for reproduction of scarce parts can be taken together. If you share the pleasure, it will only expand it!